Isolation and Identification of Parasites from Lactuca Sativa.


This investigation was designed to determine the occurrence of intestinal parasites in Lactuca sativa from November 2008 to April 2009 from Baghdad markets as a primary effort in Iraq. Twelve genera and species of intestinal parasites appear in lactuca were as follow: Toxocara canis 53.3%, Echinococcus sp. 41.6%, Hymenolepis sp. 26.6%, Ascaris lumbricoides 20%, Anoplocephala sp.15%, Strongyloides stercoralis 15%, Parascaris equorum 13.3%, Taenia sp.11.6%, Toxocara vitulorum 8.3%, Strongyloides westeri 6.6%, Ancylostoma duodenale 5%, Stongylus sp.5%. Unfortunately, the scarcity of fresh water has meant that urban gardeners are increasingly irrigating their plots with wastewater. This poses a threat to public health. The high rate of eggs in lactuca was recoded at April 60% temperatures between (30- 31c◦) that mean this Optimum Temperatures for eggs; the law rate off eggs at January 13.3% temperature between (1-10c◦); low temperatures inhibit complete development of the cells inside the eggs.