Sub- Inguinal Varicocelectomy in the Treatment of Infertile Males with Varicoceles


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:Varicocele is an abnormal dilatation of pampiniform plexus within the spermatic cord. Varicoceles are present in 15% of the normal male population and in up to 35-40% of patients with infertility. In approximately 70-81% of patients with secondary infertility, a varicocele is an underlying cause. It is a disease of puberty and is only rarely detected in boys less than ten years of age.OBJECTIVE:Is to evaluate the sub inguinal approach of varicocelectomy in infertile males with grade II and III varicoceles.METHODS:A total of 150 patients were included in the study from 2004 to May 2010. Their ages ranged from 18 to 42 years. Fifty patients (33.3%) had grade II while 100 (66.6%) patients had grade III varicoceles. All the patients had history of more than one year infertility (ranging from 14 to 36 months) and all of them were sexually competent. Physical examination was performed with no apparent other clinical cause of infertility. Although varicoceles were diagnosed primarily by physical examination, color Doppler ultrasound was done for further documentation of the patient's condition. Only patients with grade II and grade III primary varicoceles were included in the study with exclusion of those with grade I varicoceles. Seminal fluid analysis and hormonal assay were done for all patients. Any patient with sperm concentration below 10 millions / milliliter was also excluded. Sub inguinal varicocelectomy was done for each patient. The operative time ranged from 20-25 minutes. The patients were followed for one year.RESULTS:The overall pregnancy rate at one year was 66, 6 % .The time from the operation till pregnancy was ranged from 4 to 12 months. Ten patients ( 6.6% ) developed recurrence , 2 patients ( 1.3% ) developed scrotal pain for 3 weeks postoperatively and then disappeared , and only 4 patients ( 2.6 % ) developed hydrocele .CONCLUSION:Whereas most male infertility surgeons now use the microsurgical approach, varicocele repairs can be achieved with successful results and minimal complications without microsurgery as long as they are carefully performed. Although microscopic sub inguinal varicocelectomy is better than non microscopic one, the later can be done successfully with shorter operative time