The Utilization Of Concrete Maturity To Predict Its Compressive Strength Under Variable Conditions


AbstractThe aim of this research is to study the maturity of concrete for predicting in-situ compressive strength for any concrete mixture in any structural work based on the laboratory testing results of several concrete specimens, then finding a relationship between compressive strength-maturity mathematical models that can be used for predicting the compressive strength. Three type of mixes were used; first mix contains ordinary Portland cement (O.P.C), second mix contains sulphate resisting Portland cement (S.R.P.C), third mix contains ordinary Portland cement with an admixture (caco3) of (15%) replacement of cement weight. Compressive strength tests at different ages) 3,7,14,28( days and different temperatures(27±2°C) (80.6±2°F)&)34±2°C) (93.20±2°F) and curing conditions of (moist and air cured). The maturity was found for concrete samples using the Plowman technique with the datum temperature at (-11.6°C) (11°F(,the actual compressive strength values found from laboratory testing were compared with the predicted compressive strength values from Plowman equation to estimate the margin of the errors involved, the error was found to be reasonable especially for the moist cured samples.