The effect of SiC – particles – reinforced MgO composites


The influence of SiC particles on the physical and mechanical properties for MgO/SiC composites was investigated. MgO matrix was reinforced with (2 wt%,4 wt%,6 wt% and 8 wt% ) of SiC particles which synthesized using powder technology technique. Five samples of each patch have been prepared and supplied to physical properties (green density (G.D) and bulk density (B.D)) and mechanical properties (hardness and compressive strength) were measured. It was observed that the green density of all samples were decreases with increasing SiC particles content. This due to the lower density of SiC than MgO particles. Prepared samples were sintered at different temperatures (800 ˚C, 1100 ˚C, and 1450 ˚C). The bulk density reviled the unaffecting property for samples sintered at 800C and 1100˚C, but it was observed a significant increasing in B.D for samples sintered at higher temperature (1450˚C). It has been found that Vickers hardness, compressive strength and diametrical strength values increases with increasing sintering temperature and decreasing with SiC particles content. The purpose of this study was to confirm the influence of SiC addition on some physical and mechanical properties of MgO matrix.