Pattern of infant feeding and common diseases in Mukalla maternity child hospital / Mukalla city


Infant feeding is very important for growth & development. Spite the only natural way offeeding infant is the breast feeding so the diseases that is common in this period is due to error inthe patterns of feeding. This cross sectional descriptive observational study was carried out in outpatientclinic Maternity and Child Hospital (MCH) in Mukalla city. One Hundred eighty motherswere interviewed for the patterns of infant feeding and its relation with common disease in infantsless than two years I age. The most common type of infant feeding is mixed feeding (87.22), whilee pure breast feeding constitutes (8.33%) & artificial feeding (4.45%). The majority of mothersstart breast feeding at the 1St day after birth (76.16%) & others in the 2n day (12.21%) & in 3rddday (11.053%). All mothers start artificial feeding before 2ndmonths of life. (60%) of breast fedinfants are vaccinated, while (7 %) vaccinated in artificial. Breast feeding is common in rural areas(80%), while artificial feeding is common in urban (100%). Infection was found in all patterns ofinfant feeding, especially gastroenteritis & bronchial pneumonia. As a conclusion; the patterns offeeding especially breast feeding needs re-evaluation, efficiency & explanation of it is importanceto mothers and their babies.