Prevalence of anxiety disorders in children


The aims of this study were to determine the prevalence of anxiety disorders amongchildren 7-12 years old by purposive sampling of all lecturers (mothers and fathers) who had thisgroup of child’s age at second part of Mosul University from November 2006 - February 2007.The study enrolled that out of 149 children are assessed, 49 had anxiety disorders making a pointprevalence of (32.9%) with a female to male ratio of (1.2:1). In age group 7-8 years the highestprevalent disorders are separation anxiety disorders and specific phobia. While at the age group 9-10 years PTSD shows a highest fraction. At the age group 11-12 years the most common disordersis generalized anxiety disorder. The present study revealed that anxiety disorders are significantlyinfluenced by multiple factors from those were; age of the child; parents who had anypsychological and organic diseases; stressful life events; negative temperament; any disease in achild himherself; education of a father and family history of psychiatric illnesses. Whereaseducation of mother, family types, socioeconomic status, crowding index, unemployed fathers, andworking mothers played no significant role in modifying the occurrence of anxiety disorders