The Dynamic Coefficients and Elastic Deformation with Thermal Effect For Cylindrical Pivot Tilting 5-Pad Bearing


The paper describes the results of theoretical study of the tilting pad bearing consist of five pads each pad can be titling 0.2o about a cylindrical pivot at high speed of rotating journal. The total oil film thickness includes elastic deformation with thermal effect had been estimated. By using finite element method to solve the Reynolds equation for dynamic load, from this solution generated pressure,components of oil film forces and moments are expressed as functions of journal coordinates, dynamic coefficients (stiffness and damping coefficients) these coefficients of oil film can be determined by differentiation of the oil film force finally elastic deformation of pad surface was obtained. This paper also includes the study of manyparameters such as pivot offset, preload factor, direction of load (load on pad and load between load) and dynamic coefficients were presented as functions of Sommerfeld number. Results show that good bearing performance when the pad preload factor is increase and pivot offset decreases.