Correlation between Prescribed Antibiotics and Bacterial Resistance in Mukalla District


This study was performed in Mukalla district to correlate between prescribed antibiotics andbacterial resistance. A total of 200 prescriptions and 120 culture and sensitivity reports werestudied. It was found that the most antibiotics prescribed were Amoxycillin (38%), Ampicillin(26%), and Gentamycin (17%).On the other hand, the most antibiotic resisted by bacteria found tobe Penicillin (100% for all bacteria except Escherichlia Coli 96%). The culture and sensitivityreports obtained from Hadhramout medical laboratory and Al Mukalla medical laboratory showedthat the isolated bacteria represented a high frequency of growth to Staphylococcus Aureus,Escherichlia Coli, Pseudomonas Aeraginosa and Klebsiella with percentage rate of 40.67%,20.88%, 10.8%, and 10.2% respectively.