Evaluation Of Patients With Right Iliac Fossa Pain In Different Age Group


Acute appendicitis represents the most common clinical condition presented with RIF pain A crosssectional hospital based study planned to determine the most common operative causes of RIFpain. Nausea & anorexia were the significant symptoms in 89.9 % & 84.05 % respectively.Rebound tenderness , cough test & psoas sign were the significant signs in 88.4 % , 65.2 % & 75.6% respectively. Perforated appendix occurred in both life extremes in 50-100 % of cases. Theaccuracy of preoperative diagnosis was found in 85 %. In many conditions , acute appendicitismimic other surgical and gynaecological emergencies and the perfect diagnosis needs the use ofu/sound and some times the help of laparoscopy.