Open And Close Reduction In Treatment Of Fracture Nasal Bones.


To evaluate the functional (respiration) and cosmetic out comes for surgical procedures close andopen reduction in treatment of sever nasal bones fractures with nasal obstruction due to nasal septaldeviation. This study on 144 patients with isolated fracture nasal bones attained to E.N.Tdepartment in Tikrit Teaching Hospital. Iraq. During the period from Jan. 1997 to Dec. 2002.Undisplaced fractures were 16 patients (11.1%) no need for interference, 24 patients (16.7%) weresimple fractures underwent manipulation under local anesthesia. The 104 patients (72.2%) withobvious external nasal deformities and nasal obstruction were selected, 72 patients underwent closereduction, 28 patients underwent open reduction (septoplasty, only five patients needs open bonyreduction.), and 4 patients, (one have septal haematoma and three with septal abscess.) drainagewas done with reduction of the fracture. All the operations were done under general anesthesia,with follow up for at least nine months. Patients underwent close reduction found that (75%) withgood respiration, (58.4%) good alignment of the fracture, and 18 patients (25%) needs revisionsurgery. (12 septoplasty and 6 septorhinoplasty). While patients underwent open reduction,(92.9%) with good respiration, (78.6%) good alignment of the fracture, and two patients (7.1%)needs revision surgery (one septoplasty & one rhinoplasty).Keywords: Fracture nose, Nasal trauma, close reduction, open reduction, septoplasty,septorhinoplasty, Rhinoplasty