Numerical Study of Natural Convection Heat Transfer of a Square Eccentric Body Buried in a Porous Media


AbstractNatural convection in a saturated porous medium bounded by two horizontal eccentric ducts is studied numerically by solving the governing Darcy-Boussinsq equations using finite differences on very fine grid. This paper reports the effect of the position of a cooled square body with respect to the centre of the square cavity vertically and horizontally. The numerical results of heat transfer are presented for modified Rayleigh number Ra* (based on width of cavity) in the range (50 to 400) and for different size of the body with respect to the width of the cavity (0.25x0.25,0.3x0.3,0.5x0.5) and six positions of the body respect to the center of cavity. The results are represented by streamlines and isotherms to show the behavior of the flow and temperatures distribution. Also some graphics had been obtained which represent the relationship between Nusselt and Rayleigh numbers with eccentricity. (Key words: natural convection, porous medium, cavity)Key Words : Porous medium , Thermal nonequilibrium , Heat transfer , Natural convection.