Modeling and Computer Simulation of a Dual Converter System


AbstractDC Drives have been used and still being used in many industrial applications as adjustable speed drives. Among these applications are robotics, mill, steel, cement…etc, [1] industries. The dual converters are the most common power electronics equipments that are used in driving DC motors. Each converter drives the motor in two different quadrants in the torque-speed diagram, thus the drive system becomes a four-quadrant. Computer Simulation results has been obtained for the steady state condition. The results are in the form of motor and converters currents and voltages for different trigger angles. In order to validate the simulated results, practical results have been obtained for the same triggering angles. For dynamic conditions such as starting condition have been obtained practically and compared with the simulated results, be sides that studying some abnormal conditions such as fault condition with in the motor or in the dual converter. Key words: DC drives, simulation of DC drive, dual converter.