Efficiancy of Some Serological Test Used in Diagnosis of Toxoplasmosis Among Women in Child Bearing Age in Nenava Governorate


In this study we compared the efficiency of some serological tests which used for diagnosis of Toxoplasmosis among women in child bearing age, there ages ranging between (45≥-20≤) years in Nenava Governorate. Fifty serum samples were examined using the three serological tests Indirect Fluorescent Antibody Test (IFAT), Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) and Latex Agglutination Test (LAT).The results shows that the LAT gives the highest positive number among all age group in this study, which reach (32) cases (66%) followed by IgG-ELISA (52%) and IFAT (42%). The results also shows that the LAT is more efficient in detection the infective pregnant women (86.6%).