Numerical Study of Natural Convection Heat Transfer of Porous Cavity contains Partitions and Square body by Using Thermal Non-Equilibrium Model


AbstractIn this research, natural cnvective heat transfer between hot walls of cavity and a cold body with square section concentric in cavity is studied numerically. The cavity is filled with a saturated porous medium with thermally non-equilibrium between the solid and fluid phases. Two adiabatic partitions attached to the walls of cavity .The governing equations include continuity, momentum and energy equations are solved by using finite deference method with Gauss-Seidle iterative method. This investigation was performed under the effect of four non-dimensional groups which defined as : modified Rayleigh number (100≤Ra*≤1000), scaled heat transfer coefficient (0.1≤H≤100), thermal conductivity ratio (0.1≤Kr≤100) and the location of the partitions with respect to the length of the cavity (Yp*=0.25,0.5,0.75). The results were presented in terms of streamlines and isotherms of fluid and solid phases and the relations between Nusselt number variation with modified Rayleigh number .The Nusselt number in each phases(solid and liquid) and total Nusselt number are found to be increased proportionally due to the increasing in modified Rayleigh number. The effect of thermal conductivity ratio on Nusselt number was comprehensive while scaled heat transfer coefficient was confined to solid phase Nusselt number. Also the results showed that when the two partitions moved towards upper part of cavity , the quantity of heat transfer is to be larger and the maximum heat transfer is to be when the horizontal partitions in the upper part of the cavity in all cases .