Using selection index technique for improvement of yield and its components in durum wheat


Eight varieties of durum wheat (Leeds, Waha, Um Rabie5, Azegar1, Um Rabie3, Brashua, Cyprus1 and Korfila) and their half diallel crosses were used in this study to construct several selection indices and calculate the gains expected in the yield. It was revealed that the selection index constructed from plant yield, number of spikes plant, number of tillers and harvest index had the highest increase in the efficiency (5.75%) as compared with direct selection for yield. This indicate that a selection index based on combination of characters, including yield, would have an advantage of practical significance over selection based on yield only. This index considered the superior due to it’s high efficiency and constructed of lowest number of characters. By the estimation of the eight varieties selection index values, it was found that Um Rabie5 had the best value, then Um Rabie3 and Azegar1 consequently.