Market knowledge to enhance the effectiveness of strategic decisions * An Empirical Study in the General Company for Cement South


westlifeالسماح بالكتابة بحسب النطق الصوتيThis study seeks to address the impact of market knowledge dimensions (knowledge of the customer, know the contender, product knowledge, knowledge of the supplier) in enhancing the effectiveness of strategic decisions (dependent variable) according to the number of indicators of B (an appropriate resolution, accept the decision, the quality of the resolution), Changes continued in the tastes of customers and their expectations, and the growing intensity of competition existing in the market between business organizations, and increase the need for these organizations to products able to meet the needs and desires of customers and adapt to changes in the tendencies of customers due to technological developments and their role influential in the palace of the product life cycle, not to mention the the ability of these organizations in the sourcing and optimal processing work on the consolidation of long-term relationships based on mutual interests and cooperation with these issued, all of these burdens