Determination of Serotype and Amplification of the Plasmid DNA Content for the Bacteria Salmonella Isolated from Various Sources


Twenty three bacteria isolated of the genus Salmonella had been collected fromm general al salam hospital in Mosul ,and from different sources are blood, urine, stool and food. They were mivroscopally examined and diagnosed using biochemical and scrological tests.The ability of Plasmid DNA Content to amplify its copy number in Bacteria isolated was studied in the presence of chloramephenicol at concentration 150 µg/ml. Three isolated among other showed real amplification where the concentration of the DNA content increased in the range of 3-13 folds. While only one isolate showed real amplification in its plasmid DNA content in the presence of spectinomycin, and no growth of any isolate in the nutrient media containing tetracycline at concentration (150 µg/ml), was observed.