Urinary Tract Infections Caused by Alcaligenes spp. in Diabetic Patients


The study includes the isolation and indentification of the bacteria Alcaligenes from urinary tract infections for (372) insulin and non- insulin dependent patients, (125) of them were males and (247) were famales. Their ages ranged between (11-71) year. The study also includes (95) cases of non- diabetic urinary tract infections as control subjects. The bacteria Alcaligenes constitutes (4.07 %) of urinary tract infections among the diabetic Patients in the study and this genus was not isolated from non- diabetics. The isolates of the bacteria Alcaligenes were isolated and identified as A. faecalis with a frequency of (30%), the subspecies A . xylosoxidans denitrificans at the same percent and A. xylosoxidans xylosoxidans (40%). These differences in the infections with Alcaligenes was without clinical syndromes. the study showed that (50%) of was no correlation between the treatment of diabetes and the rate of isolation of the three species of bacteria under study.