An interpretation of the gravity data over demir dagh structure western Erbil –NE IRAQ


This study deals with reprocessing and reinterpretation of the gravitational anomalies of western Erbil along to traverses running in the area with NE- SW direction across the main zagros trend and over demir dagh structure.Bouguer anomaly is obtained by reducing all observed data to the mean sea level with reduction density of 2175 kg /m3 which was used by ipc when constructing the gravity map of Iraq. The observed gravity data has shown local high anomaly superimposed on general negative anomaly which is related to dimer –dagh structure. Graphical separation has been carried out for local anomaly separation.Two dimensional model was applied using a computer program to calculate the anomaly which is due to the variation in rock densities within tertiary and u.Cretaceous. Two geophysical model were constructed for the geological interpretation of each traverse.