Partial Encryption Of Color Image By Edge Detection


The research is aim to use some of image features which represent in edge detection method, color image analyses for main components (Red, Green and Blue) and then collected this features with main principles of partial encryption for obtain to modern algorithm can get exact results , high processing speed, in addition we use one bit from each byte that located in edge of each layer(Red, Green and Blue) of color image instead use all bits of byte, the operation of selected bit called "Bit-Plane" . The algorithm rely on two images , the first is representing the image that we want encryption it and the second key image is deriving from it. The high performing is very active of algorithm when we deal with pixels parts of both images , these parts are calling edge pixels that calculate in canny method. At last we are performed encryption operation by using "XOR" for each layers in input and key images for producing encrypted image. The strong of algorithm in expected difficult of key image and then discovered plane of bit for both images.