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The city of the province in the early destruction of the fifth as he said, I'm happy: (eighteen in length and width degrees thirty nine degrees and ten minutes).It is noteworthy Albuldaon an Islamic city, built Umayyad days Andalusians is located east of Andalusia, Seville and they are many similarities, which lies in the west of Andalusia.And is famous for a lot of houses and orchards, where several parks, including Fitness and Alzenqat and Mount Il and Mount beneath orchards and beneath it emerges eyes that come out of fresh water, and includes a city-funded, which is located in the west of the destruction and Arjulh which became the center of the destruction of the main is a Koura key to this city. (1)If Tmana in the naming of the city of destruction, we found that the owner of this city or its ruler was called Gothic "Theodmir" and he calls the Arabs "destroy" him and attributed this province in the south-eastern Andalusia (2)Has been given to this city as the "Murcia", which lies 64 km from the Mediterranean ports and Cartagena, which was important centers of trade, and in the time of Prince Abdul Rahman, the inside (138 e) turned to the destruction of normal Korh became known as "Auriolh" (3)At the time of Abdul Rahman year 216 H East, charted by the city of Murcia Jabir bin Malik bin, however, the destruction factor. (4)And then boarded a de Murcia Alameraan coves and Zuhair Alskulaiaan and joined the province of Murcia to Valencia (5) and are separated from the time stationed in Andalusia 525 years e. (6)At the time of the Almohads as it was taken over by Mohammed bin Yousuf bin Hood, alias (Mutawakkil) and continued in control until it fell on the hand of the king argon (Jaime I) e 664 years. (7)