Preparation of Polyacetylene Composite with some Plastic and Semiconductor for Electrical Uses


Three novel polyacetylenes :Polyacetylene PAs, 1-ether- benzoic acid-2- ene - propylene (A) .Polydiacetylene (PDAs), hexa -1,6 diphthalmide - 2- ene – 4 –yne ( B ) ,andPolyacetylene PAs , 1- phenyl - 3- butyne -1 -ol ( C) .were prepared through polymerization of three Acetylinic monomers. They were prepared bybyreaction of propargyl bromide, unsaturated alkyl halide RX and With, other various reagents))Polymerization was carried out by using selective catalyst such as CuCl, PdCl2 complexed oftransition metals with dry and pure oxygen . polymers were extracted , purified and identified by FTIR,HNMR Spectroscopy and melting points . Electrical conductivity of polymers was studied afterdoping with iodine (I2) to increase their conductivities . Composite plastic was prepared frompolymethyl metha acrylate PMMA as the matrix with Polyacetylene as the filler by cast molding thesolution of plastic and polyacetylene was prepared by mixing with THF as solvent. The conductivitiesof the composite seem to be close to semiconductors and the results are in agreement with the literature