Effect of Saline Environment on the Strength of Reinforced Concrete Beams


AbstractThis paper presents the experimental results of tests carried out to investigate the influence of parameters such as w/c ratio, curing condition and surface bar coating on the shear and bending strengths of fifteen reinforced concrete beams under severe saline environmental conditions. Sodium chloride was used as an additive and an aqueous solution for chloride introduction. The effectiveness of coating the surface of reinforcing steel bar with a paint to protect it against corrosion in concrete was also evaluated.Results show that after 500 days of soaking in the chloride solution the beams undergone considerable deterioration. Significant reduction in shear and flexural strength of reinforced concrete beams due to concrete degradation and steel corrosion especially when sodium chloride was used as an additive. The results indicate that the use of paint-coated reinforcing steel bars in reinforced concrete beams can be helpful to protect the reinforcement against corrosion under saline environment.Key Words : Concrete beams, Saline environment, Water cement ratio, Shear strength.