Proposed model for the management of public relations in sports organizations in Iraq


Research involved five-door and contains the first chapter to the introduction addressed by the researcher for sports organizations and the multiplicity of its facilities and administrative requirements, which are public relations and one of the elements of the administration, which took space in the structure of any mathematical foundation as a link between institutions and between the institution and its audience. The research problem was crystallized in the lack of attention to the administrative side of public relations in the institutions as well as variation in the understanding and application of the detailed administrative by sports institutions. Research objectives included (a model proposed for the management of public relations in sports institutions of Iraq) Research: the human sphere of a sample of professionals in the sports field of the administrative institutions of government and private sports in Iraq. Temporal domain: for the period of 1-2 until 1/7/2011 Spatial domain: sports institutions and civil government in Iraq Part II: The included theoretical studies and similar The concept of public relations The importance of public relationsPublic relations and sports institutionsSocial structure Activities provided and the goals the system and organizational structure of the sports organizationThe success of public relationsPatterns of public relations in sports institutionsThe goals of public relations in sports institutionsAnd public relations functionsSimilar studiesStudy Samir Hussein and others, 1991Study Mai Abdel Wahed, 1996Part III: the research methodology and field procedures The researcher used the descriptive method to fit the style survey nature of the research then the research sample was identified as the way was deliberate (142) members of the specialists in the field of sports and sports organizations, which included the Iraqi governorates of Najaf - Kirkuk - Diyala. Included a section on methods of collecting information and procedures of field experience and statistical methods and exploratory. The fourth section was included to view, analyze and discuss the results and performed by a researcher in the form of tables and themes as subject matter.The fifth section was included on the conclusions and recommendations. Conclusions - The level of regulation in the winning institutions in the public relations of great importance despite the lack of attention to this aspect. - The goals of public relations in the institutions need to re-formulate the recommendations.Direct interest in the unity of public relations administrator at each institution and the need to prepare specialized administrative staffs of each institution in proportion to the size of administrative units.