The Study Of Relation ship Between The Maturation Abnormalities Of Placenta And Late lntra uterine Fetal Death


This study was done on 60 pregnant women that have case intra uterine fetal death in kerbala city. We determined the placental abnormalities that lead to intra uterine fetal death through histopathological sections. The resulting shown six groups of cases with defective placental maturation .The first group of cases shown absence of syncytio-vascular membrane formation and the second group shown immaturity and hydropic degeneration of chorionic villi. The third group shownchronic villitis and the fourth shown fibrin depositions and loss of vessels in the villous stroma of placenta .The fifth group shown foetal thrombotic lesions which consist of large groups of vascular fibrotic villi as the result of vessel thrombosis .The last group shown umbilical cord abnormal coiling (over coiling) or under coiling . These groups of cases represent the most important causes of late intra utrine fetal death.