Effect of Misalignment on Gear Teeth Stresses


Abstract: The present research work concentrated on the analysis of stresses generated on transmitting gear tooth, also the effect of misalignment angle on stress distribution and its concentration. This study had been done on a gear model similar to accessory gear of Gas Station for electricity generation in Mansour-Mosul. Computer program using finite element technique had been developed. Gear tooth model had been analyzed using finite element method in three dimensions. The results of execution finite element program for many cases of misalignment angle showed clearly, that the stress distribution and its concentration on tooth changed with misalignment angle. According to the values of generated stresses, the tooth fracture can be predicted, this leads to the selection of more suitable materials to be used for gears. New formulas governing stresses change with change of misalignment angle, had been obtained - using regression analysis -. Also it is found that when angle of misalignment being generated by 0.1 degree, this leads to increase of 154 % in maximum principal stress at root tension side, 163 % in maximum shear stress and 147 % in minimum principal stress at contact region.Finite elementStress analysisSpur gearMisalignmentKeywords: