Mechanical and Thermal Expansion properties of Roselle Fiber Reinforced Cement Composite


AbstractThis paper describes an experimental investigation on the mechanical,physical and thermal expansion properties of cement reinforced with Rosellefibres. The short discrete fibre length of (5-7mm) were used as reinforcementwhich were randomly oriented and uniformly distributed in the cement matrix andwith various volume fraction of fibre cement ratio of (0-4%). The flexuralstrength, fracture energy, and thermal expansion of composites were found toincrease as the fibre volume fraction was increased, while the elastic modulus wasdecreased, and also the results of the physical properties showed that alightweight construction materials was obtained.Key ward : Roselle Fiber , Flexural strength , Fracture Energy , ElasticModules , Thermal Expansion , Reinforced Cement Composites .2005/11/