The Effect of Acrylic Resin Recycling on The Hardness of Artificial Acrylic Resin Denture Teeth


Aims: To evaluate the effect of recycling of denture base on the surface hardness of artificial acrylic denture teeth. Materials and methods: thirty identical artificial acrylic denture teeth of two types(cross linked and conventional denture teeth) were positioned within polyvinylchloride tubes filled with melted wax to prepare a samples within heat activated denture resin to be tested for Vickers hardnesstest before and after recycling by water bath for 1 hours at 100 °C and by microwave for 30 minutes at 80 watt then for 1.5 minute at 500 watts. Results: Showed that the water bath and microwaverecycling of denture base will not affect the hardness of conventional and cross linked denture teeth, and cross linked denture teeth are more wear resistance after recycling by microwave and water bath.Conclusions: Artificial denture teeth will not affect by double cycle of curing produced of acrylic denture base.