The Success rate of Retrograde Filling Materials in Re-apicectomized Teeth using Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) and Zinc free Amalgam (A comparative clinical study).


Aim of the study: To compare the success rate of root end filling material using MTA( mineral trioxideaggregate) and zinc free amalgam in re-apicectomized teeth. Materials and methods: The studysample consisted of 30 patients having previously failed surgical endodontic treatment. The samplewas divided into 2 groups, the 1st group treated with MTA root end filling, while the 2nd group treatedwith amalgam root end filling. The patients were followed up after 6 months to assess the periapicalarea both clinically and radiographically. Results: There was no statistically significant difference betweenthe success rate of MTA treated group and that of amalgam treated group, although MTA has ahigher success rate than amalgam treated group .the success rate of MTA treated group was (86.6 %)while the failure rate of MTA treated group was (13.3%), the success rate of zinc free amalgam treatedgroup was ( 66.6%) and the rate of uncertain healing was (13.3%) while the rate of failure was (22%).Conclusions: MTA can be a good alternative to amalgam as a retro grade filling material, but amalgamis inexpensive, available ,and most of the dentist are familiar with the use of it.