Effect of denture cleanser on the color stabil-ity of artificial denture teeth


Aims: To evaluate the effect of three different cleanser on the color stability of three different types of artificial teeth. Materials and methods: sixty samples of artificial anterior teeth were prepared which are Acry-Rock, RMH teeth and Porcelain teeth and immersed in three types of denture cleanser(Bony plus, Protefix and soda+ vinegar) for 8 hours and the color of the teeth was measured by Easyshade's spectrophotometer at 3 intervals(1,2and4weeks). Results: Showed that the a'b values of ceramic teeth and L value of RHM teeth were significantly differencent after 2 week of immersion in three type of denture cleanser. Analysis of variance demonstrated that L'a'b value for ceramic teeth and RHN teeth were statistically significant after 4 week immersion in three type of denture cleanser, The result of color change (ΔE) for three denture cleansers of three periods of immersion were clinically accepted. Conclusion: Long period of immersion of artificial teeth in denture cleanser cause significant color change for L*a*b* values but they were clinically accepted.