Age differences for Class I open bite malocclusion among adolescence (Lateral cephalometric study)


The purpose of this study is to determine the age differencesfor open bite malocclusion concerning facial skeletaland dentoalveolar height.The study was carried out on a sample of 50 students (24males and 26 females) aged 12–15 years with Class I occlusionselected according to certain criteria among the students ofsecondary schools in the center of Mosul City. The samplewas divided into two age groups: 12–13 years old, and 14–15years old.Lateral cephalometric radiograph was taken for each subject.Twenty one cephalometric measurements (nine angularand twelve linear) and five ratios had been determined. Thedata were statistically analyzed using Statistical Package forSocial Sciences.The results revealed that males showed significant increasein total posterior facial height, upper posterior facial heightand ramus height with increasing age, while females showedincrease of upper anterior dental height and decrease theratio between upper posterior dental height and upper anteriordental height with increasing age.Concerning angles, females approved significant increaseof the angle formed by the intersection between occlusalplane and palatal plane (OP–PP), while males showed a slightdecrease of the angle of palatal plane inclination in relation toanterior cranial base (SN–PP angle) with increasing age.