The impact of advertising on consumer behavior Prospective study of the views of a sample of subscribers to the company raised Communication at the University of Karbala


As Aresult of tremendous development s in the field of work that witnesses high competition which distinguishes the circumstances of work in the second half of the last century , the need became necessary to advocate in formational policy by the department of organizations in different sectors especially the servicec . the problem of the research concentrates on the major question : Does the level of advertisement at kerbala university arrive its real aim and essential services ? Moreover , importance of the research appears in many points : the importance of helping the responsible departments of the advertisement in knowing the factors procedures and the essential ways for making a strong and right advertisement for carrying out the desired aims . the research aims at explaining the effect of advertisement in the consumer s behavior and its effect on the consumer in making his decision in participating and buying these services . Theresearchers used certain procedures in this study : exploretary method . the study concluded many results : the connecting results between the advertisement and the consumer s behavior in general factors is a good moral relation – but the most impotant recommeendatis are : the company may behave according to the achievements of the revolution information and technique by making modern advertisement in the work in order to Sustainable and growth and rival .