The impact of Environmental monitoring and supporting culture in the organizational innovation


After the development and the great change wrought by the dynamic environment appeared many variables raised the ire of researchers to synthesize and create a distinction between organizations competing in the field of competitiveness, so eating this research variables task appeared on the surface of the competitive environment for the purpose of knowing their role and importance in contemporary organizations, monitoring is environmental reflect a true understanding of the organization for internal and external environment and analyze its strengths and weaknesses, reflecting the investment opportunities and avoid threats. The supportive culture illustrates the values and beliefs and ways of thinking and organizational behavior that are a common denominator among the members of the organization. Organizational and creativity refers to the ability of individuals in the organization to create new competitive ideas, whether through the creation of superior product or service unique to attract customers and thus market share large organizations, which converts to a leading organization in the market. The research of four chapters, was the first of which is the research methodology, which includes a problem and the importance and objectives of the research, while the most prominent hypothesis is the presence of correlation and the impact of positive between each of the environmental monitoring and culture supportive with in the creativity Organizational, sample chosen purposely to group managers of the Rafidain Bank branches in the city of Baghdad numbered (47) director, in the second chapter the conceptual framework of the research which was explained variables, the main research, while specialty third chapter on the practical side, which ensure the achievement of the research hypotheses, has emerged as the most important findings in Chapter four is the presence of an active role for each of environmental monitoring and supportive culture in the promotion of creativity and Organizational change actual events in this creativity.