Study of some parasitic disease of pond fish in Mosul area


Parasitic disease of the common carp Cyprinus carpio L. from ponds in Mosul area were studies for one year period from March 1999, to the end of February 2000. The parasites were noticed on the skin, gills and in the eye. The percentage of crustacean infestation of the skin was 39.1 % which were due to both anchor worm Lernea cyprinacea and fish lice Argulus foliaceus. The protozoan skin infestation was with Trichodina 7.2%. The gill parasitic infestation was both the monogenetic trematode Dactylogyrus 35.1 % and the Crustacean Ergasulus 6.2 %. The parasitic infestation of the eyes was by the metacercarial stage of Diplostmum 12.37 %.