Progressive renal failure in patients with diabetes mellitus


AbstractThe present study included 56 diabetic patients and 39 healthy subjects as control group. The diabetic patients were classified according to sex and age. A 32 diabetic were female and 17 healthy as control, whereas males were 24 diabetic patients and 22 as healthy control. The clinical investigations include albumin and creatinine in serum. The results revealed that there is a significant increase (p<0.0001) in creatinine serum compared with control whereas albumin decrease significantly (p<0.0001) in diabetic patient compared with the control. In addition, this study showed that there isn’t any significant difference in concentration of creatinine and albumin between male and female (p>0.05).The patients were classified into two group according to their age. Group A (30-40) year and group B (41-60) year. The comparison revealed that there isn’t significant difference between these groups when determined the concentration of albumin and creatinine in patients with diabetes mellitus. To investigate the relation of progressive renal failure and diabetes mellitus disease, the object was carried out and albumin and creatinine were determined in patients with diabetes mellitus.