Study of Laser Propagation Parameters in the Underdense Plasma Region Using a Two Dimensional Simulation Code


Abstract: The propagation of laser beam in the underdense deuterium plasma has been studied via computersimulation using the fluid model. An appropriate computer code “HEATER” has been modified and is used forthis purpose. The propagation is taken to be in a cylindrical symmetric medium. Different laser wavelengths (l1= 10.6 mm, l2 = 1.06 mm, and l3 = 0.53 mm) with a Gaussian pulse type and 15 ns pulse widths have beenconsidered. Absorption energy and laser flux have been calculated for different plasma and laser parameters.The absorbed laser energy showed maximum for l = 0.53 mm. This high absorbitivity was inferred to the effectof the pondermotive force.