Relationship between the eating out home and infection with Giardiasis


Abstract This study carried out in primary health care center of Muslim Ibn Akeel , in al-Kufa town –Al –Najaf Al- ashraf province from 2/1/2010 to 1/1/2011.The study aims to determine the causes of abdominal pain and repeated diarrhoea in adult males only who were eating outdoor, 33 persons of them were diagnosed as an irritable bowel syndrome. The total number of cases was 150 patients. This study had done in a large area with low-income , poor water, food hygiene, swallowing water (such as from a swimming pool, lake, river, pond, or stream) contaminated with sewage or stool from Giardia-infected people or animals and sanitation are common in communities with repeated diarrhea. These factors combine to facilitate the spread of enteropathogen including, precoded questionnaires with demographic details, clinical history, and physical signs were completed. In this study ; 150 samples of stools were collected for routinely general stool examination. The results were showing high rates of G. lamblia 84.7% , followed by motile monilia, motile bacteria, Ent.Histolytica, Enterobious vermicularis, E. coli, , H.nana & others. The study showed that the highest percentage of infected persons occurs in age group of 25-29 years and lowest in 40-44 years, also highest percentage occurs in the persons who were eating three times daily and in summer more than in other seasons.Only 30 patients 20% were with negative stool examination. This study recommended by practice good hygiene in day care centers, retirement homes, and at home to prevent the spread of infection, wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 15 seconds, avoid contact with the feces of an infected person, when traveling in areas where giardiasis is common, infection with Giardiasis can be prevented by using only bottled water and avoiding consumption of raw fruits , vegetables and do not use untreated water in areas where the parasite might be present, such as lakes, rivers and streams. Boil the water for at least one minute before using it.