New Analysis to Measure the Capacitance and Conductance of MOS Structure


Abstract :In this research thin film layers have been prepared at alternate layers ofresistive and dielectric deposited on appropriate substrates to form four – terminal RY-NR network. If the gate of the MOS structures deposited as a strip of resistor filmlike NiCr, the MOS structure can be analyzed as R-Y-NR network. A method ofanalysis has been proposed to measure the shunt capacitance and the shuntconductance of certain MOS samples. Matlab program has been used to compute shuntcapacitance and shunt conductance at different frequencies. The results computed bythis method have been compared with the results obtained by LCR meter method andshowed perfect coincident with each other.Keywords: Thin Film R-Y-NR Network; MOS R-Y-NR Network