Investigating English Foreign Language Learners' Performance In Connectives at The University Level


AbstractConnectives as grammmatical cohesive devices are used to link words, phrases, and sentences to each other, and to make coherent text. The main purposes of this study are to investigate the students' performance in the College of Education (henceforth, CE), and College of Education for Women (henceforth, CEW) at Tikrit University in the area of connectives, classify the students' errors in connectives at both recognition and production levels in the CE and CEW to get a clear survey of students' performance, and find out whether there are significant differences between students' performance in the CE and CEW at both recognition and production levels.To achieve purposes, and hypotheses of this study, a diagnostic test has been constructed. A sample of 106 students has been chosen from fourth year students in CE and CEW. A sample of 24 students has been chosen to apply the pilot study, and 82 for final administration of the test. Fourth year college students' responses have been analysed, tabulated, and discussed. The results of this study reveal that EFL learners make errors of different sources at the recognition as well as production level. It is also clear that EFL learners encounter more complex and problematic errors at the production level than at the recognition level.