Patterns of Artistic Expression in the drawings of intermediate school students and their Relation to the Control location


styles of art expression in paintings of mid-school students and its relation with the sexual variable . The research aimed in identifying the styles of art expression in paintings of mid-school students with the similarity and difference in the art expression according to sexual variable .This search was done on the two samples of students of the mid-school from (13-15)age from both sexes. The first sample was used for the exploratory research. There were(160) students, (80)boys and (80) girls, who were taken from two schools, also this sample was used in the proving and affixing the research tool . The students of the second research were (400)students in the range of (200) boys and (200) girls ,who were taken from (6)mid- schools in Baqubah ( center of Diyala governorate),this sample was used in the basic research.Only one tool was used in this research ,this tool is (selection tool for style of art- expression), which has done by (Hamady) in1998 year .also it was designed to limit the styles of art- expression in the paintings of secondary stage, which it was used here in this research according to what (Victor Linfield) and (Harbert Reid)concluded that these styles(visual , sensory)which could be seen from overdue childhood onward ; of what encouraged the researchers to use it in this research after becoming sure it is true.The current research reached to finding of two distinct styles in the in paintings of the students of mid-school (13-15)years .These differences between these two styles were ha a statistic sign at level (0,05) which were (visual style)and (subjective style). Also two mixed distinct styles showed from each other ,which are (completely visual / completely subjective ) and (completely subjective / visual - subjective),therefore, the two researchers saw to combine each one the closest point to it ,so it became only two visual and subjective. Also there is no repetitions of difference between the styles of the painting of the boys and girls is with a statistic indication at level (0,05) , which is proving that the two styles are not distinct in this scope. Also the normative wrong was calculated { } for quadruple connection which shows that it is smaller then connection element art-which is not a meaning sign ,which arranged no finding of relation between the styles of art- expression and sexual variable.In the light or results of this research, two researchers introduced suitable recommendations ,also they introduced their suggestion to do another research concerning field connected with this important studying stage which they believe that it supports the role and the importance of the art education .