Response of Broad bean crop to sowing date and boron foliar application.


A Field experiment was conducted at the Experimental Farm, Agriculture College, Kerbala University, during growing Season 2008 – 2009.The experiment was arranged in split plot design with RCBD. The aim of this study was to determine the influence of three sowing dates (10/ September, 30 / September and 20 / October) assigned in the main plots and 4 concentrations of boron (0,75,150 and 225)mg/ litter assigned in subplots on some agronomic characteristics, yield and its components of ( Vicia faba L.). Results showed that planting in the first sowing date ( 10 / September ) with 225 mg B/litter gave the highest number of pods per plant (12.46) pods , number of seeds per pod (5.00) seeds and biological yield (14533)Kg/h and these were reflected on highest seeds yield (7033) Kg/h . Planting in the third sowing date with control treatment (without foliar fertilizer) gave the highest l00 seeds weight (157.00) gm.