Effect of alkaloid ricinine on fertility and some blood parameters of female mice (Mus musculus)


The present study involved preparation of an alkaloid ricinine from the extract of the castor bean (Ricinus communis) seed. Then, these alkaloid administrated orally at dose (0.08 mg/gm) to female mice for 30 days to explore their possible it's influences on fertility (fertility rate, percentage of fertility, fetal number, weight, malformation, mortality of pups), and some blood parameters(R.B.cs, W.B.cs, Hb. and P.C.V) . The results indicated a significant decreased (P<0.05) in number of pups, weight of pups, fertility rate and percentage of fertility, but hadn't preview malformation and mortality states. Also, the results showed a significant decreasing (P<0.01) in R.B.cs, Hb and P.C.V. value compare with control group, exception in W.B.cs parameter have not shown any significant differences.