Water Flow Visualization And Velocity Measurement Using Hydrogen Bubble Generation Technique In Low Speed Open Channel


Visualization of water flow around different bluff bodies at different Reynolds number ranging (1505 - 2492) was realized by designing and building a test rig which contains an open channel capable to ensure water velocity range (4-8cm/s) in this channel. Hydrogen bubbles generated from the ionized water using DC power supply are visualized by a light source and photographed by a digital camera. Flow pattern around a circular disk of (3.6cm) diameter and (3mm) thickness, a sphere of (3.8cm) diameter and a cylinder of (3.2cm) diameter and (10cm) length are studied qualitatively. Parameters of the vortex ring generated in the wake region of the disk and the separation angle of water stream lines from the surface of the sphere are plotted versus Reynolds number. Proper empirical formulas are investigated to describe the behavior of vortex ring parameters and separation angle versus Reynolds number. Vortex growth history in the wake region of the cylinder is identified by analyzing the photographs extracted from the digital camera used for photography purposes. Water velocity measurement in the upstream region and near the edge of the disk is conducted at different Reynolds number by measuring the length of Hydrogen bubble pulse streaks generated in the upstream region of the disk using electronic pulse generator circuit. Special electronic circuit is designed and fabricated to cut off the applied DC voltage. The calibration of the designed pulse generator is conducted using the proper oscilloscope device. The pictures extracted from the digital camera are used for analyzing the generated Hydrogen pulses.