Effect of Storage Heater Shape on Performance of Built -In –Storage Solar Collector Suitable for IRAQ Environment


AbstractThis research includes a theoretical and experimental study to the effect of some designing parameters on the performance of storage solar collector and to verify its suitability in the domestic uses. Two solar collectors studies , the first collector is cylindrical with 28 cm diameter and 130 height , and the second collector is cubic with dimensions 100cm x 100cm x 8cm , each one putting in a woody frame. Ordinary window glass was used as the top transparent cover for surface facing the sun. This storage collectors can be used as storage water tank to replace the ordinary tanks commonly used in Iraqi houses.The basic parameters were investigated systematically, these included the storage tank shape of solar collector, two models were taken, the first, cylindrical tank storage collector, and the second cubical tank storage collector having equal capacity . The other parameters was studied, the effect of loading. Loading on the storage collector were carried out with three different water withdrawal patterns, continuous loading, an intermittent loading, all water withdrawal one time in the day. The results indicate that the performance of cylindrical collector was better than the cubic collector in the continuous loading and intermittent loading after 3 PM, and the performance of cubic collector was better than cylindrical collector when all water withdrawal in the day at no load conditions. To verify the experimental test results, a numerical study was carried out using Fluent program. The natural convection phenomenon in the enclosure of the storage collector was investigated based on the method of control volume. From the Fluent results and analysis of the problem, the temperature distribution throughout the day was obtained. The Fluent results agreed well with the experimental data obtained. Key wards: Solar Energy ,Storage Solar Collectors, Storage Tank Shape .