Expression of Free Prostatc Specific Antigen (PSA) In Breast Mass


Background: Free prostatic specific antigen (PSA) is the predominant molecular form of serological PSA increase in a significant proportion of breast cancer patients and that free PSA levels decrease significantly after surgery. Given the heterogeneity of the population of breast cancer patients, additional studies with larger cohorts of patients are required for the examination of molecular forms of PSA with regard to individual parameters such as risk of relapse or metastasis. Finally, the physiological mechanism behind the free PSA increase in breast cancer and its ramifications with respect to tumor progression should be further investigated.Objective: To measure and compare : 1:- free PSA in the serum of women with breast cancer before and after surgery and 2:-the serum of women with benign breast mass as a diagnostic tumor marker.Patients and Methods: A prospective study was done in AL Sader teaching Hospital in AL-Najaf city between 15th January 2010 and 1st of November 2010, where 60 cases of breast mass were taken to measure the expression of free PSA in their serum, 30 cases of theme have breast carcinoma diagnosed by cytology and other ways of diagnosis, and their serum were taken before the operation and at 10th-14th post-operative day. The other 30 cases have benign breast tumor . We also took the age of all the 60 patients.Results: In the 30 patients with breast carcinoma the level of free serum PSA was between 1.380ng/ml- 5.000 ng/ml before operation, but highly decreased to become 0.011ng/ml – 0.292 ng/ml post-operatively. While in the benign tumor patients the level was 0.000ng/ml – 0.893 ng/ml.Conclusion and Recommendation:There is an association between the serum level of free PSA before and after surgery of ca breast patients, so it is regarded as a marker for diagnosis of breast cancer . We advise to send every patient with breast lump for serum free PSA level for early detection of ca breast . Our study show that the free serum PSA is a diagnostic tumor marker like in the diagnosis of prostate carcinoma and also may be use PSA as a prognostic factor in patients with ca. breast like progesterone and estrogen receptors as showed by other studies, but we need further studies in the future to confirm