Early complications after tracheastomy


Having a tracheostomy is considered to be a safe and straightforward procedure, but as with many surgical procedures it does carry a risk of complications.Aim: To evaluate tracheostomy early complications at Medical City Complex, Baghdad. Patients and methods: A prospective study of (125) consecutive tracheostomies that were performed during one year period from May 2006 through May 2007 in Medical City, Baghdad.Results: Ninety three patients (74.4%) were males. Thirty seven patients (29.6%) were in their third decade. Complications developed in fifty three patients (42.4%); wound infection was the commonest in twenty three patients (43.4%), followed by subcutaneous emphysema in fourteen patients (26.4%) and haemorrhage in ten patients (18.8%). One tracheostomy related death was encountered (0.8% of the total no. of patients). The complication rate was significantly higher in urgent tracheostomies (50.6%) than elective procedures (26.1%) and in those performed with local anaesthesia (48.3%) compared to (25%) under general anaesthesia.Conclusions: Most of early complications were due to the urgency of the procedure and inadequate postoperative nursing care. Wound infection was the commonest complications.