The Effect of Adding Water to the Driving Tires of Tractor and Tillage Depths on the Field Performance of Mould Board Plough


The study has been conducted in AL-Azaizya city (AL-Kut GovernorateK ,80 km south-east Baghdad . To evaluate the field performance of mouldboard plough. Two evaluations are considered in this regard; first addingor not adding water to the driving tires of tractor, while the secondevaluation includes three levels of ploughing depthes (10, 15 and 20 cm).The random complete block design (RCBD) was used in the statisticalanalysis of obtained data, which are based on the observations of threereplications. The results have demonstrated that adding water to thedriving tire of tractor is significantly effective in decreasing the number ofsoil granules masses that have a diameter of more than 10 cm (from 7.3mass/m2 to 3.4 mass/m2). Equally important, increasing tillage depth from10 cm to 15 cm and then to 20 cm also caused an increase in the number ofsoil granules masses from 4.4 mass/m2 to 5.2 mass/m2 and then to 6.6mass/m2, respectively. Adding water to driving tires of tractor causes areduction in slippage percentage from 12.9% to 8.5%. In contrast,increasing tillage depth causes an increase in the slippage percentage from9.7% to 10.6% and then to 11.8%. Finally, the practical production isdecreased due to the added water to the driving tires and rising the tillagedepth.