Using the natural live food in feeding of Al-Gattan larvae ( Barbus xanthopterus Heckel )


This study showed that the natural food could be used successfully in the rearing of Al- Gattan larvae( Barbus xanthopterus). Some types of life food were collected by by different nets , the collection site was a fish pond manure by liquid cow manure. The life food was used for the feeding of Gattan larvae and compared with artificial food coming to this pond liquid manures of cows. At the end of experiment ( 28 days), the results showed the average weight and length of larvae when fed on rotifer were 25.6 mg/ larvae and 29.3 mm/ larvae respectively. While the lowest average weight and length were for the larvae which fed on artificial food, 12.4 mg/larvae and 18.5 mm/larvae respectively. The survival rate for larvae fed on rotifer , phytoplankton and artificial food were 85 , 79 and 65 % respectively.