The impact of the gradual rise in goal scoring in the development of peaceful resolution of the basketball players ages 12-14 years


The impact of the gradual rise in goal scoring in the development of peaceful resolution of the basketball players ages 12-14 yearsM. M. Kamel Hamza knifeM. M. Haider Fri modernM. M. Suhail Jassim Amuslimawi((The scoring of the most important skills of basketball goal of basketball is infected target the largest number of times it is so influencing factor in the game and the final stage of the attack difference)) and successfully scoring achieved victory for the team to the win scoring a great deal of time training.Scoring must be characterized to achieve the target precision and accuracy of it, developing the means scoring high enrollment in the attack.And many agree that it is the most important factors affecting the accuracy of the scoring is a sense of purpose and determine the location of any sense of distance and height ((that Aladerkat sense of mobility are the cornerstone in the acquisition and development of motor skills the more accurate perceptions the greater the ability of the individual control and direction of cognitive vacuum of movements) )As the improvement of properties listed in the above raises the level of performance as the work on the speed of Astaab information and strictly implemented and that the high growth of a sense of kinetic plus Tqemia visually the distance will improve the accuracy of the renderings skills and in particular the accuracy of scoring triple (peaceful) for basketball.The Nashi basketball in the age group under 12 years struck first on an episode, up 260 and continue this correction for a long time until he reaches the second stage under 14 years and during this period of training on the scoring have acquired habits of mobility especially struck first in terms of tracks and motor sensations associated with the distance and a sense of momentum the ball and increase your sense of the ring.The problem is when you move the player in the next stage under (14 years), they aim to ring up (305) cm .... This sudden change in the height of the workshop requires the player to modify the motor habits gained from the previous stage to fit with the new height.This transitional period between the phases of interest from a few trainers, which reflects the accuracy of the scoring player prompting researchers to study this issue and develop successful solutions to it.The research aims to identify the impact of the gradual rise in basketball goal in the development of peaceful resolution of the resulting scoring basketball


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