Preliminary Observations on the Sperm Biology of (Bunnei Barbus sarpeyi, 1874) after Hormone Injection and Preservation


Observations on the sperm biology of Bunnei (Barbus sharpeyi), after hormone injection perm activity for the injected fish ranged between 85 % - 100 %. The most amazing finding was the sperm activity of the collected semen from deceased fish after one hour was 90 %, and it has the highest activity time(120 sec.), this time was higher than that for the Bunnei from Al-Therthar reservoir during spawning season. The sperm volume was very low (1- 0.4 ml). which is a characteristic of this species. The sperm concentration ranged between (25.85 - 40.69) × 109 , and it is also higher than that for Bunnei in Al-Therthar reservoir.